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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it permanent? 

Yes. Through the Radical Guide Method this activation is permanent because the seals blocking energy are removed.


Does it require maintenance? 

No. Other methods require maintenance.  Through the Radical Guide Method there is not maintenance required. Once you are activated you are activated and will continue to activate more strands as you do your inner work. 

What if my soul decides to reincarnate?

You are still activated.

How do I, the client, prepare myself?

Carry on as normal. Drink more water than usual as this is energy work. Notice your feelings both physical and emotional, notice your thoughts. And do as you wish. 


Where does the appointment take place?

It’s done remotely. I bring you, your higher self, into my healing grid that I have created with my guides. The ceremony is held in this space.

How is this method different in others?

The Radical Guide Method is called upon from Mary Magdalene in the heart of Gaia. This method puts emphasis on the heart area as the heart is the bridge of our lower & higher chakras; higher & lower energies.

Who is DNA Activation for?

Every-body as everyone has spiritual dna that is blocked. No matter your background or profession this healing modality can help you live in full soul alignment.

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