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Weekly Reading - Sept. 6th, 2021 = NEW BEGINNINGS ARE UPON YOU

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hello Beautiful Soul, this week’s energy is all about NEW BEGINNINGS

WOW!!!! Who is ready to bring in something new. Perhaps a relationship, a business idea, a lifestyle habit. Now is the time to feed this seed, water your idea, & embody this growth. When starting something new you can be sure you’ll feel both excitement & doubt. This is a natural occurrence in the body. You have your Higher Self, Divine Self leading you back home to your natural state of infinite power, possibilities, & consciousness. Your soul is also housed in this beautiful human form which expresses limitations, scarcity, & fear.

Through this new beginning energy you will be shown where your fear & limitations lie. Note these are thoughts & emotions from past experiences trying to keep you safe. These triggers are supposed to be uncomfortable to get your attention. You have the choice to wake up to this or continue turning your head causing this to show up at different times in your life. You are always being guided to your most authentic, soulful self.

Through the true lenses of your Higher Self you can make the decision to move forward with your new beginnings no matter what happened in the past. Your past is not meant to keep you stuck, but rather open you to lessons you need to learn as your soul carries out your path.

Ask yourself this……. Does the safety bubble of fear feel good?

Through my own work and working with fellow souls I’ve observed the safety bubble does not feel good. It’s where we feel stuck. It’s here, we realize we are not meant to stay. And we know this because it feels really uncomfortable. At this time you are growing, expanding, and evolving. You are being stretched to become more of your soul’s expression & to fully live out all that you were meant to do.

So, enjoy this beautiful ride. Be willing to let go of things that no longer serve you making room for what is meant to come your way. And feel all your emotions that come with it. The secret to this is, try not to attach yourself to your emotions, but acknowledge them, speak to them, & allow them to guide you on this journey of forever evolving into Divine Self.

As you embark on this new beginning in your life the angels are sending you this message: Confidence is key to success. Even if you don’t know all the steps, the how to’s, don’t let that stop you. Progress forward is better than not fulfilling this nudge at all. Where I see people get themselves stuck is wanting to know ALL the steps before starting. Plus, this was me too. Coming through me to you is the permission to get started as the next step will appear. You can spend all this time on the plan, but never executing the plan will not be satisfying & I guarantee you’ll be in this spot again with a new exciting beginning or the same one trying to get you to take action. Take the step & the step after that. Building confidence takes doing.

Take relationships for example. It’s hard to plan out how it will go simply because you’re creating with someone else. Think of any new beginning as a new relationship. Your intuitive new beginning is its own entity with energy. Things will change as you go along because you’ll be learning and unlearning things about yourself. Just like a relationship, you can’t plan it all out. Being present is the best way to be. What is going to support you in this exploration of your life is the balance of spirituality and practicality. These energies are making their way into this time of New Beginnings with you as a reminder to strive for balance. Spending too much time in your head about the idea & not equal amounts of grounding into presences will only keep it in your head & will not become a reality. Come back everyday to yourSELF. Tap into your center, ask your guides to show you the next steps. And back it up by action. Let them know you hear them. You are co-creating with the Universe as your part here is very important.Your mission is important. Your gifts are important to share! Through your own vibrations, healings, and expansions you can help the planet’s vibration increase, healing piece by piece the energetic pathways we all live in. YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT PIECE TO THIS UNIVERSAL MAP!!!!!!! YOU ARE NEEDED!!!!!

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Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with YOU,

Cheryl with Harmonize Living

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