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Weekly Reading Sept. 20, 2021 - Manifesting Miracles

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

WOWZA!!!! What a Powerful Archangel coming through supporting You this week. Archangel Orion, “the keeper of the stars & universe,” also known as Archangel of Manifestation.

He sees you working on yourself. Whether that be of heavy internal healing or brave outward expressions of yourself. He is very proud of You.

Archangel Orion comes at this time on your path once again (even if this is the first experience you recall) to remind you anything is possible. Just as the sky is limitless, so are You.

He brings your attention to the bigger picture by asking all the BIG questions.

WHY do you want what you want? And How does this fit into the view of Your Soul Aligned mission.

The universe is enormously incomprehensible & yet, the universe is within You. You are one with the universe. We may not comprehend all that goes on within or around us & it’s simply because our minds have limitations.

It’s your fear, past judgements, trauma, holding you back from the very things you want. These are not parts of the universe’s creation, but of human & earthly decay.

You are a starseed. Did you know the cells & molecules that make up your body resemble the universe.

When dreams & desires call you, best bet Archangel Orion is right here too.

From all the emotions coming up with stepping out, shining your light, doing tough or new things, answering your inner call with little direction of how to do it, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Feelings of doubt may have creeped in. Maybe you’ve noticed a sabotaging behavior you’re doing once again to protect yourself. It’s scary to trust the Unknown.

But your Soul Knows. So the human form lags.LOL! Archangel Orion is showing up with love giving you all the encouragement in the UNIVERSE to trust in the opportunities coming your way.

You have been wanting all of this. So maybe if things are scary take the time to sit with yourself and Archangel Orion answering those big questions above and allow yourself to get as deep as you can go with all your emotions coming forth.

You know what your soul is calling you to do because it is a desire within you. And you are CAPABLE of Manifesting the crap out of it. (You know what I mean).

Have an incredible week! I can’t wait to hear from you in the weeks, months to come.

Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You,

Cheryl with Harmonize Living

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