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Weekly Reading October 4th, 2021 - What are you denying yourself of?

This week you are being advised to take the blind fold off, stop making excuses, & wake up to the truth within. Surrender to denial.

Oftentimes you don’t even know you have blinders on, or that there is any other way to the situation because your current way of thinking limits you to keep you “safe”. This can spin you into years of denial causing you to feel stuck, lost, unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong, you are also happy, on track, & vibrant, but let’s look at why you’re here again in this energy.

What are you denying yourself of?

A healthy, lasting relationship









You name it.

What excuses are creating the barrier preventing the be, do, & have in your life? Again, you may not even believe you are in denial, that’s how long you have been justifying this situation, person, or behavior of yourself that now when being asked to look at it with open eyes it may be triggering for you.

*Triggers are a good thing - if you don’t attach yourself to them & see them as the helping stone you need to grow in your life. Ego feeds into the triggers. Higher Self sees them as information.

What I see coming up for a lot of people is the denial they have any problems, pain, or trauma to heal. I get it, it’s scary to “dive in”. We have worked & been programmed for years to push our feelings down. Yet it’s our feelings that help us to process things in our life eliminating what needs to go & creating space for what we desire . We are meant to feel and express all emotions.

So what things are you still in denial of? What trauma is coming up for you that you continue to sweep under the rug? ****NO MORE SWEEPING!***

Your soul knows what you’re ready for. This week may seem a little heavy, but is that your way of putting up the wall to avoid this next level of growth?

Go into this week with openness. When we fight, resist, ignore, that’s when our energy takes more of a dip. In my experience, it takes more energy to ignore it, than to lean into the energy and ride it out with open eyes.

To understand you are here for eternal growth lightens the load & releases the white knuckle reins. Plus, it’s so much easier listening to your Higher Soulful Self and taking action on it as the actions align you more and more with your life purpose destiny.

Here are intentions to help shift you into this week’s energy:

*I am aware I may not see things clearly. I forgive myself for being the blockage in my life for I didn’t know any better. Now I know as I am being shown from my soul where I can let go & be more honest with myself.

*Although I may not know what denial I carry I am open to see where this is currently in my life to allow me the growth in ways I believe I’m ready for.

*Perhaps I’m a little controlling in my ways. I believe this has served its purpose & now I’m being called to embody a newer level of purpose through surrendering.

*I am safe to explore my truth.

*I choose to see the truth as it sets me free & aligns me to take the best actions moving forward.

Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You,

Cheryl with Harmonize Living

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