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Weekly Reading October 25th, 2021 - Something wants to be birthed. Will you allow it?

The energy of this week is birthing something inside of you, something deep, something ancient, something whole.

You're being asked to look at things a little bit differently as you are discovering and embodying another layer of your soul's existence just exactly as you are divinely created.

With Goddess Brigid making her way to support you she is showing me you have a spiritual fire growing inside of you. It might not all make sense what you are experiencing. The brain can not articulate the depths of this infinite energetic realm. But you feel the need to continue to investigate & follow the light.

With the energy of the new moon being in Virgo per the card that is showing itself it is guiding you to a grounding indulgence of service. Service to know yourself, service to discover more about yourself, and service in your devotions to yourself.

As the card shows a new moon the energy is expressing a birthing at this time. A beginning of a cycle.

This means, some things have changed in the recent months & years. This means you are noticing differences than before. Welcome to your Spiritual Awakening if you're new. If not, welcome to going deeper into your beautiful journey.

This energy is showing you, if you choose to lean into where you were being called, walk towards what is being pulled to you, and see what is being shown, you are stepping into more of your divine higher self.

With goddess Brigid by your side Your spiritual awakening is rising. Your spiritual interest is rising. Your understanding that there is more to you than what currently meets the eye on a deeper level does exist and you can embody it into your current reality. Becoming!!! Always Evolving!!!

What is it that you are ready to birth? Now don’t get all caught up in the semantics of it, those steps will be revealed to you if they haven’t already been. You’re being asked to relinquish step by step control & the outcomes to more of a newer birthing of yourself. Surrendering.

This can be challenging because most people believe that if they are not in control then they won't live the life of their dreams. This is false. Too much control can block and shield you of what is being presented to you for your growth and healing. Control doesn't leave room for space to be created to bring in other people, places, & opportunities coming from Source, Your higher self.

I invite you to see this challenge in this message as an opening of your soul spiritually calling your human form to ascend. You are more presently aware of the stretch you are going through right now. You are ready for this! You’re consciously aware of your current egoic layers that are “trying to keep you safe”. You are aware of your inner knowing & rising expansion of growth in this very process. This stretch requires you to surrender to the nudges of giving to yourself. To put yourself out there in ways that might not make sense at the time, or be too scary, yet you are being shown to trust this ancient wise energy coursing through your body & soul.

Extra Support: This journey can be confusing, scary, even exciting because you know in the depths of yourself this is where you are meant to be going. But you've been on this journey of life for some time now, & can't help but be reminded that You get stuck a lot of the times. Life has been good, you've made amazing decisions in your life. Yet still feel there is something you haven't tapped into within yourself. Fear paralyzes you, you use excuses that come up to distance yourself from your dreams.

It's not entirely your fault….. there are in fact energetic seals on your Spiritual DNA blocking you from your divine, abundant, higher self flow.

Through the healing modality of DNA activation we can remove those seals, clear energetic barriers, balance out your chakras and open yourself fully to the wholeness of who you are. Open you infinite possibilities!

Find our more here:

11/11 ((November 11th)) is a powerful portal that can heighten your healing and trajectory on life. I'm opening up a few more spots for DNA activation on this day if you are interested.

If you have any questions or would like to chat we can set up a heart to heart exploratory soulful call.

Email below with a few time slots that work & your phone number.

Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You,

Cheryl with Harmonize Living

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