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Weekly Reading Nov 1st, 2021 - Something BIG is Awakening Within.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Your Spirit is stirring up energy. Your Spirit is calling for your attention. Your Divine Spirit within is calling you back to know thyself fully & completely. It's no wonder you hear similar things from different people. The collective is rising. You are rising. Even without really knowing what is going on, pieces are being shown to you for you to heal, grow, and step even more into your authentic true self. What does this mean, true self? It's YOU without limitations. It's your unapologetic light that shines through your darkness. Because yes, we all have darkness to work through. Welcome to The human experience. True self is seeing you as a whole, not the fragments and broken pieces that you may see. Spirit Awakens your True Self to recognize you are Whole while you experience pain & suffering. You are bigger than your experiences of love and joy. You are not your past or your future, but you are right now as you are in all your glory, joy, distress & discomfort. Your Spirit Awakens you to remind you there are many illusions to this human world. Spirit asks, "What are you resisting? What are you trying to plan out in so much detail you're blocking the energetic flow where you are purposely being guided? What are you voiding?" WHY?????? Get down to the nitty-gritty self-limiting fears & stories. Your Inner Spirit asks these deep questions in hopes to chisel away at least one layer of the wall. Nothing is wrong with you. You are right where you were meant to be even if this feels really tough. Ahhh I hate hearing this sometimes. But it's true. Your path of becoming has always been uniquely designed for you. You didn't know 5 years ago what you know now. So stop being hard on yourself, stop living mentally where you think you ought to be & start embracing what is showing up in your life now. More so than ever you may be taken on turns, loopty loops, curvies, peaks and valleys and straightaways. Welcome to your spiritual awakening. Why will there be more loopty loops and curves? Because you are consciously growing your awareness in more than just your human existence. You may begin to question everything around you, everything within you, everything you know, everything you don't know & this is all part of the journey. You are here for a reason. Don't stop now, keep allowing spirit to rise within you to guide you. Build and strengthen your foundation with your inner spirit to be your light when you feel like yours is too dim to shine. Many of us only know this human form we are living with programming, conditioning, limitations, comparisons, yada yada yada. Yet it is true, collectively we are all consciously rising meaning we are all going through a spiritual awakening. It all looks different, there's no one way. Some resist more than others. Some don't want to change. While others show up and do the best they can with the new information. I encourage you to add a daily practice that will strengthen your connection with yourself. Something where you can quiet the chatter of the mind, calm the energies around you, and listen to what your soul is guiding you to know through the connection with your body. Here are a few ideas: Meditation Journaling Breath work EFT = emotional freedom technique Sit in nature Pause for a few moments throughout your day If things feel a little messy don't you fret, after the storm a beautiful rainbow shows up. Follow your unique spiritual journey & embody the magnificent Spiritual body You are!!! Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You, Cheryl with Harmonize Living

Card by the fabulous Kim Dreyer in the Conscious Spirit oracle deck.

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