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Weekly Reading June 28, 2021 - Empowerment through Healing

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This week you may feel energies of empowerment brought through your journey of healing.

Healing can be scary, who wants to bring up old stuff when it’s much easier to push it down.

Is it though? When you find yourself annoyed, pissed off, frustrated, sad, etc. is that the easy way of living?

The truth is, it may be easier that moment, but it becomes harder over time as the pain will surface in all that you do; relationships, career, even your money can be affected.

So the moral is, do the scary thing to set yourself free and heal to increase your vibration & way of life.

8 Ways to help you Heal:

1. Tune out the noise around & within you

2. Embrace stillness & sit in the uncomfortable

4. Don’t put too much thought into figuring it out. Allow it to happen.

5. Feel the emotions.

6. If it reminds you of a time, go to that time.

8. Forgive yourself & show gratitude for what you are doing.

This can be painful for some depending on what is being called for healing. Support is available in many different ways.

We offer 1:1 Empowerment Sessions if you’re interested in having an outside intuitive approach to your situation. Also, Revolutionize Your Life, a 6-week course gives you support & tools you need to come out of every situation by embodying your Higher Self. This part of you knows the deep wisdom within, you just need to be reminded of how to activate this powerful, badass part of yourself to assist you in all your healing & expansion.

You are a healer & can move yourself through this week’s transition. You’ve been healing yourself for years & now when you're being asked to be intentional with your actions you get freaked out. It’s all good, I assure you, you are very capable of feeling these energies this week and making great progress in your life. When in doubt, remember you are not alone. You have your spiritual team & many resources to lean into. Don’t be afraid to take the class, workshop, or course that's calling you the most. Trust your intuition, it will do you right every time.

Email us if you have any questions, we are here to support. 🕉️💞

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