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Tap into your Unique Flow - weekly reading July 12th, 2021

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hello Starseeds, this week’s energy is guiding you to tap into your unique flow. The flow that is solely designed for your own healing & expansion at any given time.

You are being shown to watch the moon this week as it grows from darkness to increasing light every day. The moon is a great mirror representation to your life as everything is mirroring back to you.

The moon appears to embody its own rhythm of ebb and flow without missing a beat. Some nights it’s hiding, while other nights it’s shining bright. We are connected to everything.

This week’s message is reminding you to look at the moon goddess as she bravely moves in honoring herself as she needs. You are being guided to step into your very own harmonious flow unapologetically. Sometimes asking you to go within, rest, & reflect, as well as the opposite; shine your light brightly celebrating our growth. Both are equally important, and both make up a whole. Just like the moon is always whole, You are Always Whole in dark and light!!!!!!

We have this collective perception that dark is “bad”, “unlikable”, “nasty”, you don’t want to be there, I get it, it can be painful, lonely, and confusing. But what if you could shift your perception bit by bit with practice and awareness to believe your ebbs are an integral part of your evolution??

What if you embodied your wholeness & began healing through the darkness rather than ignoring it? ((Note: it doesn’t go away because you ignore it.)) How would the dark/low energy feel then? Perhaps more welcoming, allowing them to pass with ease rather than stiff resistance.

So this week, look towards the night sky & remember you are whole no matter what you are going through. Embrace your flow as it is teaching you, awakening you, & helping you to grow. You are ready for it.

More goods, keep reading.......

Want to navigate through your phases?

I’ve seen in many clients have similar blocks within the sacral chakra. I find it fitting this chakra is paired with the moon goddess.

You are being advised to take note of our sacral energy. Are you experiencing low back pain or low energy?? The sacral chakra connects to our emotions & if you are not expressing, processing, & releasing your “negative” emotions they will get stuck in our body’s DNA creating self sabotaging suffering loops in your life, as well as emotional and physical pain.

The sacral energy is welcoming you to intentionally wake up within and around you, supporting you to express your feelings. Tapping into yourself in this deep way builds confidence & clarity upon your path.

The sacral is your creative energy point as well and where we birth our ideas. Do you experience periods of mental & spiritual blockage? Time to take a look at your sacral chakra.

Stop living in the shameful bubble & forgive yourself for what you didn’t know. Your inner wisdom runs much deeper than the past experiences you are still holding onto. You are worthy to experience & live wholefully as you have been created for. Just as the moon is always whole, healing on the molecular level will increase your connection with divine self to feel and embody your wholeness activating a knowing of complete worthiness.

Want to explore chakras?

I am developing a free workshop/course that will be released soon and building more content for you to dive into learning more about your amazing self. However for now, Youtube is a great way to explore chakra information.

This is a collective message, not everything said may resonate. Take what strikes a deep cord or ah huh moment, and even allow yourself to feel any triggers as triggers are there to get our attention. Take what resonates & leave the rest.

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