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Weekly Reading Aug 30, 2021 - What to do after the inner storm has hit??

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Archangel Haniel- Honor your feelings

During the recent stir up of wild energy you might have been in survival mode doing the bare minimum to get by. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes life is just a whirlwind & you’re simply along for the ride until it calms down a bit. Don’t be hard on yourself. Easier said than done.

Now is the opportunity to digest your feelings without judgement because here lies the things you are being called to address. Don’t hang onto the guilt, anger, or hopelessness you might have been feeling. That is simply your brain’s conditioning of always telling you, you need to do something, produce something, be something. Being conscious of your feelings will support you in this transition from mental thoughts aka ego, to your Higher Self. Archangel Haniel is here this week to assist in the transition of energy. Haniel is the angel of Joy. She/He reminds us we are joyful creatures. At this time, she/he encourages you to feel into your heart space tapping into the very thing that is going to spark your revitalization. Meaning…. Now is not the time to rush out & fulfill your joy through outside gratifications. This may be a go to, subconscious pattern of yours like many people. Notice this!! However, You are being guided this week to pause, become aware of any patterns, & be honest with your self reflection feelings. Find your joy within yourself first before finding it outside of you. Because outside gratification is temporary & off to the next self help thing, whereas, when you connect with yourself you learn & develop ways to support your forever growth at any time of your life. Anchoring this inner knowing into your human form gives you insight of your Divine soulful self.

PLUS, Archangel Haniel comes with Joy as a way for us to remember our talents/gifts/callings. This speaks to you through your joyful experiences. Size does not matter; it does not have to be an extravagant experience, but can be very simple around the home. Keep in mind, energy is limitless, it’s our mind that categorizes whether something is big enough for our true joy to accept. Let that belief go. Joy is joy no matter the size & it will continue to lay the path to your gifts. Allow your mind to take a back seat this week while allowing your feelings to express their inner joy waking you up to the possibilities that you too can achieve all you want in life when you continue to tap into your reservoir of wealth.

Note: Listen to yourself at all times. Remember your ego self can speak pretty loudly causing you to loop in patterns that no longer serve you. Hence, pausing & observing all your behaviors; mental, physical, & emotional awareness will help you discern your truth. If you are seeking outward right now go within first with these below questions.

“What is it I’m seeking? Why am I wanting this? What am I hoping to gain? What am I avoiding? It’s very important to not ridulcal your responses or manipulate them into answers that will make you feel better. Allow to come up with what needs to be seen & worked on. THIS IS YOUR HIGHER SELF SPEAKING TO YOU!


Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with you as within you.

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