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Weekly Energy Reading Nov 8th, 2021 -On a scale of 1-10 how instinctively do you trust yourself?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Welcome to the energy of TRUST this week. Not so much trust with others, although, if you are questioning something of others be sure to take a look in the mirror because it boils back to you trusting your decision of this person. Ouch, I know this can hurt facing this fact. The Lynx represents the unknown. Oftentimes we don’t know how things will pan out & this stresses us out. Yet we do get feelings which carry messages of how we can show up presently embracing the unknown. Just because you can’t see the whole plan doesn’t mean you need to fear or create anxiety. You have your greatest Super Power with you, Your Intuition! This week may be a bit confusing at times because your previous self (before this moment) wants to make decisions based on the entire information. Yet, the entire information has not revealed itself to you, causing your decision making to be delayed. This may frustrate & anger you because you hate feeling out of control. You’ve been taught, if you want to achieve anything, have anything you need to control every bit of your life. What flows in & what flows out. You don’t know what is happening & it makes you feel uncomfortable. This is a belief being shifted with each layer of awakening as it no longer serves to be your truth. It’s okay to lean into the unknown & this week you are experiencing this. This week’s message is all about you leaning into these discomforts to trust & develop a deeper knowing within. The moon is representing change & transition. Sometimes it is dark, representing your unknown pieces to this situation you find yourself in. You want to make sense of this space you are in, yet you can not see clearly. Remember the moon is full, always. You are also whole even if you feel fragmented. Even in times of darkness.This is too a limiting belief spirit is surfacing for you to look at. Therefore, instead of jumping into old patterns of making things happen, your guides are inviting you to surrender to the unknown as all will be revealed in divine timing. Just as the moon has phases, so do you in life. You’re being guided to give yourself patience & grace as you openly explore what is rising within. Choose ease & trust over fear & anxiety. You are worthy of this growth & this beautiful journey through all its ups, down, twisty curves, & unknowns. Here’s a short video that may help serve you in deepening your Intuition. It helps me as I experience my own polarities of being human & spirit. Where I face conflict & confusion within my own existence. Where I also am reminded I AM Infinite.

Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony,

Cheryl with Harmonize Living

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