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Weekly Energy Reading Nov 29th, 2021 - Receive ALL of Your Power for You are Good Enough

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Say it again, this time out loud. “I Receive all of my power for I am Good Enough exactly as I am.”

Do you believe this? Did you notice any resistance come up? If so, don’t be hard on yourself, for awareness is the key to shifting things in your life. You cannot adjust what you do not see. Awareness allows for the awakening process to proceed. You are Good Enough right now to do, be, & have all that you desire. This is your invitation to openly & unapologetically stand in your truth for you are always good enough. With your newly found self awareness Spirit encourages you to be gentle with yourself as you discover what limiting beliefs hold you back from believing you are good enough. Spirit encourages you to hear the stories relating to your ideas of what good enough means to you. Do you feel the need to complete xyz in order to receive goodness? Do you need to work extra hard to be deserving of abc? Are you equating your worth with your productivity? Are you judging yourself based on your overall physical, emotional or energetic state? Do you believe, if you feel low then you’re not good enough to receive? NOT TRUE!!!! What if you stopped seeking external validation of relationships, money, success, what you accomplish or where you find your place in the world as a meter of your worth? None of these things determine the measurement of how much you can receive. Only your perception of self determines this. You are a Powerful Being not a powerful doer, although you may be a powerful doer too. You may have had your power taken away at a young age because you feared your safety, feared being unlovable, & disliked. Now as an adult you’re finding yourself in challenges of what feels like tug-a-war as you want & step into your own Power while experiencing guilt for it because it makes others feel uncomfortable. You are the sole proprietor of your power, your energy, your love, & your life. You get to decide how you give, share, & receive of such.

God, Source, Universe, Mother Gaia does not love & reward based on what you do. The love & energy of worthiness is already given to you unconditionally. It’s your belief system that determines how you receive. Good news is, you can change your beliefs, stories, & perception of self by going inward & being reminded we are first and foremost a child of Divine created solely out of Love & Light. At this time You are encouraged to cut any cords attached to your energy that block you from fully believing & accepting your worth & knowing you are Good Enough. Call upon the angels to support you and trust the process. You are good enough for a healthy loving relationship. You are good enough to go after the position you want. You are good enough to start your own business. You are good enough to have clients. You are good enough to have deep soul connections. You are good enough to fulfill your goals. You are good enough to receive financial exchange for your gifts, talents, & services. You are good enough to manifest. You are good enough to receive. You are good enough exactly as you are! This week be open to what you notice within yourself & continuously ask, “Am I allowing myself to receive fully based on my being Me?” Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You, Cheryl with Harmonize Living Disclaimer: if you feel the need to seek professional help of any kind, physical, mental, or emotional, reach out to a doctor or professional, please don’t hesitate. This

is very much the sign from heaven you need at this time. Listen to yourself. Be your best advocate. Above all, TRUST YOURSELF!!!!!

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