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Weekly Energy Reading Nov 22th, 2021 - Expect Miracles as the Holy Spirit comes through strongly.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This week’s energy is blanketing us with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is known to have a huge impact in many religions. But we are not talking about religion here…… The Holy Spirit is deeper than any religion, has no religion & it’s time we start acknowledging this. The Holy Spirit is not some phenomenon outside of you. This is the biggest misconception when taking it from a religious text. The Holy Spirit is within you. YOU ARE DIVINE HOLY SPIRIT & therefore, Miracles occur naturally. There is no separation existing other than the human limitations we put on ourselves & have been doing for millions of years. The Universal Holy Spirit & the Holy Spirit inside of you wants you to succeed. Not just big bucks, although that is yours too. Succeed greatly in peace, joy, growth, & living your best purposeful life. That is why you continue to show up, do the things, try the things, and pursue the nudges, intuitions that come to you; to feel good & WHOLE. And it is ALL Yours to experience. It’s all part of bringing you Soulfully home to your purest essence, LOVE & Consciousness. Are you being the version of yourself you so desire? It’s time you start or at least stop resisting the urges of what you are being called to. Remember, your mind will try to make sense of it & even talk you out of it to protect you. Protect you from feeling & experiencing what may be considered to be your lower vibrations or “bad” like failure, taking up space, boundaries, & even the desire to want more. The Holy Spirit within you, your Higher Self is pulling all the stops and signs to get your attention. You Deserve Miracles & they are yours to embody. Start by choosing love for yourself in all situations, & emotions. Forgive yourself for not knowing what you know now about yourself, spirit, & the energetic realm. Give yourself permission to be as you are for only through love can energy be changed. There is nothing to “fix” about you. This life journey is all about learning ourselves & this is exactly what you are doing. Take a moment & be proud of yourself. Be proud of following the calling to read this in its entirety as this small message is opening something within. The more you practice self honoring in all capacities; mind, body, & spirit your disconnection with Self will morph into a knowing of your infinite connection. Your understanding of life will showcase many miracles to you on the daily. Call upon The Holy Spirit this week in time of need, confusion, discord, as well as time of joy & peace to give gratitude. Don’t block yourself of this divine invitation. Miracles are meant for you. You deserve ease in your life. Now is the time to open & receive this energy. It may come in the exact ways you want, but most likely it won’t. It will come as it’s supposed to. So I ask you, what is your belief in you receiving such miracles? Are you good enough to receive such a miracle? (The answer is Yes. But what’s your deep belief?) What are you hanging on to too tightly? The tighter the grip the less you’ll notice all the beautiful miracles coming your way because all your energy is focused on this one thing. Sometimes people feel they don’t deserve Spirit's help for the lack of what they are doing or thinking about themselves. Stop right there. You aren’t being punished from Source so I welcome you to stop punishing yourself. Ask for Your Holy Spirit within to reconnect exponentially with The Holy Spirit. Ask to stay connected this week & notice how it feels. Notice if you pull yourself away. And when you notice it see what is keeping you from this beautiful divine connection that is always yours at all times. Don’t over think, just notice. Through observation we begin to make shifts that are needed in our life so we can receive more of our divine abundance. Notice if you choose to soften this week & receive the miracles as they are, what does the energy feel like. Is it stiff & tense or does it have a gentle, bright flow to it? There is no right or wrong way here. You are experiencing life as you are for your growth. All of it. However, It’s important to remember you have the power to decide how you move within your energies & you can alchemize your energy through this new found awareness. Give yourself love by pausing and feeling The Holy Spirit’s unconditional love for you. Receive it. You are holy too. Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You, Cheryl with Harmonize Living Disclaimer: if you feel the need to seek professional help of any kind, physical, mental, or emotional reach out to a doctor, please don’t hesitate. This is very much the sign from heaven you need at this time. Listen to yourself. Be your best advocate. Above all, TRUST YOURSELF!!!!!

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