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Use Your Voice!!! Weekly Energy Reading 12.13.2021

For many years we’ve been taught to be quiet, don’t be loud in our words or expressions. This is a part of us we are greatly unlearning as we awaken our unconscious behaviors to conscious behaviors paving the way stepping more into our truth. You are being asked to lean on your spiritual helpers, Archangels, Ascender Masters, Ancestors, & anyone else you’re drawn to. Archangel Gabriel is here to support you this week while you flex & balance your throat chakra. You are being asked to look at how you are communicating. Are you sharing your feelings & thoughts in a healthy way? Are you reserved or scared to speak up? Your voice is the expression of your truth, your creativity, your purpose, & your individuality. 5 Physical Symptoms your Throat Chakra is blocked: 1. Sore or Scratchy throat 2. Ears plugged 3. Neck tight or stiffness 4. Voice hoarse 5. Headaches Call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist you in removing blocked energy creating an open flow of energy through your throat chakra giving you confidence to positively pour out your creative & authentic truth. This energy is teaching you the importance of sharing your voice with compassion. Do not keep denying yourself of the gifts you have. Whether you speak it, write it, turn it into a poem or a song. Whether you create a play, a book, art or helpful content of your passion You are being given the GREEN light to GO, CREATE, & SHARE!!! As important as speaking is, listening is equally important & will greatly impact your ability to speak with love & grace. As Archangel Gabriel is around you, listen to this Angel’s guidance in bettering your communication with yourself & others. You’re not here to fight your way into being right. Sometimes this is tough because you want to be heard but oftentimes this energy comes from ego and creates an overactive chakra aka not balanced. It’s not your job to make others hear you & sometimes you need to sit in this frustrating energy standing in your power knowing you did all you could making sure you communicated in as many healthy ways as you need to. There is always something to learn about yourself through inaction with others as we are all seeing our own reflection being mirrored back to ourselves. Be open to what comes up this week. And don’t be afraid to take time to figure things out or just sit in the uncomfortable energies of it because all of this is supplying you with information of your growth. Just as last week was revealing more of your Inner Warrior through opportunities, this week is awakening your awareness of Self Expression through opportunity so don’t be surprised when you get that itch or voice in your ear to be bold. Trust yourself as what’s coming up for you is meant to be. The biggest, most helpful tip I can suggest during any of your awakening is to PAUSE before reacting. As you pause, you allow yourself to become clear even for a moment to hear what is the best way to move forward. As you pause you create space for your Higher Self to lead rather than the ego that is so well known by many of us. Here’s a beautiful meditation to help you anchor in the balancing of your throat chakra giving you the power to use your voice even more. Love, Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You, Cheryl with Harmonize Living Disclaimer: if you feel the need to seek professional help of any kind, physical, mental, or emotional, reach out to a doctor, please don’t hesitate. This is very much the sign from heaven you need at this time. Listen to yourself. Be your best advocate. Above all, TRUST YOURSELF!!!!! Angel Prayer Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray

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