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Tap into your Inner Warrior during this season & more - Weekly Energy Reading Dec. 6th, 2021

Oftentimes, we KNOW we are warriors, but find ourselves questioning it when faced with a challenge that sends us right back to our insecurities or wonderment of our character.

Did I do the right thing? I hope I didn’t sound stupid. Do they like me? OMGosh, I can’t believe I said/did that. Or questioning…….. Why are they not talking to me? What did I do? The stresses of taking everything personal right now is high. Not that you mean to, but subconsciously you are as a default of your past. Things trigger you which bring up old similar emotions which take you back mentally & emotionally trying to keep you safe in your body, mind, and energy.

This is your invitation to PAUSE and notice everything about you rather than falling back into old patterns of victimizing yourself . You do not have to be the victim of the situation & can remain in high integrity seeing this through. What does this mean? You are awakening more and more to how you want to respond and BE rather than allowing old versions of yourself to protect your ego. You are stepping into the trusting of self in what you say and do. Which also means knowing when & where you could have chosen better in your responses, actions, & behavior. So sometimes saying sorry is appropriate. This Warrior Energy is growing inside of you with each opportunity and this season is providing a BIG opportunity. Will you make mistakes? YES of course!!! We all will. And it’s in the mistakes that awareness grows. This Stepping Into Your Deeper Version of you isn’t about getting it right or wrong and if you hang onto this perception you will find yourself beating yourself up more than watching yourself grow. Stepping into the Deeper Version of you, how you want to Be & show up in the world, how you want to embody all these deep knowings of yourself comes through being present in all your awarenesses; feelings, thoughts, actions, non-actions, & behavior towards self and others. Here are two situations in more detail to help: 1. Whatever the other person is doing or saying is a reflection of themself. You are not here to fix them or the situation if out of your control. They are entitled to & responsible for their own feelings, opinions, actions, etc. As you are of yours. During these times you are being asked to access yourself and what can you do or not do ((be patient)) that is in alignment with your higher self. Remember ego will arise at this time. Can you be aware of both parts of yourself? From here, what actions do you want to embody? 2. Forgive yourself of what you’ve said, didn’t say yet, did or whatever is weighing on your heart causing you shame & hardship. This does not help your growth if you dwell on it. What helps your growth is the witnessing of this happening & once again forgiving yourself. Be proud you recognize what is occurring within you for this is the only way you can shift & make long, lasting changes in your life. Rising up and stepping into it! Your Power has nothing to do with anyone else. Take it back if you need to. How is this inner power within you? Because you are the energy child of Father Source. Call him God, Yahweh, Heavenly Father, Creator, Jehovah, Abba, Divine or whatever works for you. You are the offspring of this infinite source which means you are birthed with this power within. Along the way of life we humans have developed and believed our power is something outsourced causing us to search outside of us to empower us. We’ve been doing it all backwards. If you do the work and go in you will find the strength you've always had. Don’t beat yourself up again when this strength is lost because not all of it is your doing. You are mostly energy matter not this physical body you live in and within this energy matter you have seals blocking your divine flow of energy which is causing the continuous feelings of being stuck, repeating loops, self doubt, judgement, lack of worthiness & lack of connection to Source which ultimately is the connection with Self. Your flow is interrupted, living only fragments of your soul when you know there is more to you than what you’ve experienced thus far. You have energetic blocks within your Spiritual and Cosmic strands of DNA. Say What? TRUE!

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Call upon Archangel Ariel for support this week in bringing awareness to your incredible inner strength. Strength that’s there even when you feel it’s gone. Archangel Ariel wants you to know at this time strength doesn’t mean to push through. She doesn’t want you to excessively push through to your goals, your healing, or your expansion as that’s not the strength she’s talking about. The idea of what you think strength is she wants you to let go of to embrace this newly awakened strength of peace allowing the softness to guide your Warrior to surface once again. Whatever the situation you will rise above it & handle it will grace if you choose to even slightly greater your self awareness. Remember, life is all about the opportunities & what you’ve been asking for is showing up, giving you the opportunities for growth you are desiring. Remember, you are a child of Source and already house this power within you. Remember, your past does not dictate Who You Are, but are experiences for the now in your healing and ascension. Never forget, the way is within.

Love Enlightenment, & Harmony be with You,

Cheryl with Harmonize Living Disclaimer: if you feel the need to seek professional help of any kind, physical, mental, or emotional, reach out to a doctor, please don’t hesitate. This is very much the sign from heaven you need at this time. Listen to yourself. Be your best advocate. Above all, TRUST YOURSELF!!!!! Angel Prayer Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray

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