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Energetic Guidance Reading-week of June 21st, 2021

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Collective Message:


This is a message coming through to share with all. With that being said, take what speaks to you and leave the rest. I will point out, if you are sweeping the rest under the rug because it’s uncomfortable or triggering you then it’s here to get your attention. Don’t push it away, but rather notice what scarcity is coming up and do you best to work through it. I promise it will benefit you.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone -

For some time now you have been asking things to shift & get better in your life. You don’t always know how this will happen or what you will need to endure, nevertheless Source is telling you how to co-create the most fulfilling life of your soul…….. And this requires you to step into the unknown, the uncomfortable.

Sometimes stepping out is forced upon you like during this pandemic. Many shifts and awareness have been birthed because of it. Yes struggles too, however, the struggles are here to show how strong & resourceful you are. You’ve made shifts and changes in your life at a time of force, but YOU STILL DID IT! Be proud of the struggles & grateful for the lessons and growth.

Here’s the thing…….. When things are uncomfortable you have the opportunity to be awake to the NOW and grow or you avoid this opportunity & stay in the same place wishing for growth. You have wished, prayed, spoken to the Universe, & have stated affirmations of manifestations you want to bring into your life. The Universe is asking you to step up, take action, & don’t let fear stop you from making your desires a reality.

This message is all about you living your life-purpose, something you have been asking for. Again, spirit hears your cries and now they are giving you a loud and clear message, do the things that scare you. It’s okay to do things while feeling scared. If you’re waiting for the right time, that feeling of all bliss then you will sadly be waiting perhaps all of this lifetime and more lifetimes to come. Divine is telling you the time IS NOW for you to fulfill your soul’s mission. Let go of the past of what you did or didn’t do and all the different outcomes whether in your favor or not from your point of view….. Because it’s always in your favor; the lessons and growth have been preparing you for this moment right here.

So to kick this off leaving you with forward momentum we advise you to

  1. Write down a thing you want to bring into your life.

  2. What is a step that’s coming up for you? DO IT. Don’t overthink all the steps. Just one at a time.

  3. Why are you resisting doing this action? (Hint: this is a look into your beliefs of what’s stopping you.)

  4. Remind yourself You are supported & being guided to do the thing.

Who’s with me in fulfilling your Soul’s mission???? Whether you know what mission this is or not you are being guided to embrace it and live it.

If you’d like some support on this message me, this is my soul’s mission. :)

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