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Welcome to DNA Activation

It's Time!

You feel the pull.

Are you ready to be activated?

Only you know the answer.

But you are here for a reason.

Watch this video below about DNA Activation.

The Magick in your Session

During Your 24 Strand Activation

*Activation of strands 1-24

*Initiation into the Mary Magdalene sisterhood Consciousness & Activation

*Activation of Magdalene lineage code

*Current Support Team of Guides

*Channeled messages

*Etheric Body Alignment & Clearing

*Energetic Receptors Clearing Energy Spa

*Restoration of DNA Strands

*Shadow Work

*Unlocking the Sacred Siddhi Essence of your higher self & soul's current journey

*Seal Removal - Seals are energetic fences that can cause blocks to the flow of energy and our connection to our higher self among other things:

Jehovian, Zeta, Death, Crown of Thorns, Templar, Templar-Axion, Seal of Amenti

During Your 48 Strand Activation

*Activation of strands 25-48

*Channeled Messages

*Support from guides

*Seal Removal

*Restoration of strands

*Major Chakra clearing & balancing

*Aura Cleansing

*Journey of your Akashic records for clearing of past life contracts & vows

*Cord Cutting

*Clair gifts identified & any resistance

*Initiating Sacred feminine archetype within on a cellular level

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