I am here to help others awaken, embody, & embrace their inner magick that is already within. 


My number role is caring for our two little ones ages 6 & 4 years old. That doesn't mean it's the only thing I do, nor is it the only thing I want to do. I am also a healer. I believe a great energy worker is one that has and is doing their own inner work throughout life. 


There have been times in my life I was really unhappy within myself, even though I was grateful and happy in many other areas. The yearning of my soul was calling me so strongly. The more it called me the more I was being asked to heal & yet this was very painful because I was very blocked in my mindset, emotionally unstable, & was not connected to my higher self. Thankful I have found my way.


I only wanted to think, speak, hear, & know positivity. I developed a lack of trust within myself. The inner struggle and turmoil were growing in me and I felt stuck. What I know now is I was pushing away vital parts of myself. My emotions, patterns, & even triggers were becoming consciously known because my spirit knew I was ready to heal & evolve.


With embracing the inner work over, over, and over again, as I still do, I’ve begun to trust myself, understand the fluidity of my energy, & love all parts of me. I am unlearning, detaching, & embodying the true essences of my soul.


What has catapulted this healing journey for me is having my DNA Activated. So much so, I decided to become a practitioner of this spiritual healing modality. This modality connects us to our Soul creating a sense of freedom, purpose, & harmony in our life. It helps us to trust in our Higher Self.


Since having my DNA Activated I feel a connection to my outer purpose with clarity. There is a ton of ease navigating through what life throws at me, & a deeper knowing as my spiritual gifts enhance this physical life I live. 

I Love My Life
I Love My Family
Best of both worlds