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"Living the life you want comes from embodying the truth of your soul."

Welcome to Answering the Call of your SOUL

Our soul is always calling for us to expand, evolve & reunite with our divine self. The soul knows our purpose in life & guides us to live in such a way. There is no accident you've come to this site either by curiosity or stumbling. You are here. You can say your soul led you here. Enjoy & take a look around. We specialize in DNA Activation which is the very essence of unlocking all parts of your soul that activates you to experience life in harmony of your greatest purpose. 

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Welcome to DNA Activation

It's Time!

You feel the pull.

Are you ready to be activated?

Only you know the answer.

But you are here for a reason.

Watch this video below about DNA Activation.

The Magick in your Session

During Your 24 Strand Activation

*Activation of strands 1-24

*Initiation into the Mary Magdalene sisterhood Consciousness & Activation

*Activation of Magdalene lineage code

*Current Support Team of Guides

*Channeled messages

*Etheric Body Alignment & Clearing

*Energetic Receptors Clearing Energy Spa

*Restoration of DNA Strands

*Shadow Work

*Unlocking the Sacred Siddhi Essence of your higher self & soul's current journey

*Seal Removal - Seals are energetic fences that can cause blocks to the flow of energy and our connection to our higher self among other things:

Jehovian, Zeta, Death, Crown of Thorns, Templar, Templar-Axion, Seal of Amenti

During Your 48 Strand Activation

*Activation of strands 25-48

*Channeled Messages

*Support from guides

*Seal Removal

*Restoration of strands

*Major Chakra clearing & balancing

*Aura Cleansing

*Journey of your Akashic records for clearing of past life contracts & vows

*Cord Cutting

*Clair gifts identified & any resistance

*Initiating Sacred feminine archetype within on a cellular level

Harmonize with us

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